​​​ Original History
About the Band
Band Members
The band formed in 2015 thanks to a website called bandhub.com where there is a large community of musicians who go online and collaborate together with recording music. Their music is a mix of rock, classic rock, and alternative rock styled songs.  They have since worked together to compose and record many songs which has resulted in their first album called Mystery.  

The Band Members can be found on both bandhub.com and youtube.com

Clyde Sites - is csites on bandhub
Jamie Failla - is formsinspace on bandhub and youtube
Erik Swenson - is asicerik on bandhub and youtube


Core Band Members
Clyde Sites - Guitar, Bass and Music Composer from Texas 
Jamie Failla - Vocals/Lyrics Composer, Flute, Sax from Arizona
Erik Swenson - Drums and Studio Engineer from California

Contributers to the first album Mystery
Nicola Taccardi from Germany
Dave Kleber from Pennsylvania
Curtis C. from Chicago
Guido van Onselen from Netherlands

Tony Ricci from New York
Darryl Oriold from Ohio
Scoobs Blue from Scotland

Calvin Hsu from Florida

Brass and Woodwinds:
Darryl Oriold from Ohio
Guido van Onselen from Netherlands

Box Drum:
Mike-Willy Drum from Texas